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Traveling In The America
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    Applied in Apr., got the visa in Jun., finally in Jul. I reached this beautiful and fertile land with an emotion heart! Waiting, after three months' waiting, I got to the country at last, the country in my dream all the time, America!


Walking in the street of Washington, I became solemn unconsciously for it is the politic and culture centre of America. On the memorial square of WW II, facing numerous statues and tablets which record history and misery brought by war, I thought that their existence was appealing people to treasure life and peace. Before the Lincoln's and Jefferson's memorial hall, feeling the progress of the development of America, I understood without them there wouldn't be such a powerful country named USA in the world! Though I could only take a view of the White House and the Capitol in distance, whose style totally differs from that of the Great Hall of the People, their magnificence impressed me deeply. In the Air and Space Museume, numerous airplanes and space shuttles showed me the developing history of American technology. And the space station which only could be seen in news before was displayed in front of me, touchable. What's more, what is unbelieveable for me now was that I entered into the pilot's cabin of Boeing 747, in which various buttons dazzled me. In the National Art Gallery, I felt like I was an artist. Oil paintings and sculptures quite different from traditional Chinese paintings and potteries gave me a sense of entering an entirely fresh world.


I had a short visit by way of Philadelphia. Walking on the boulevard of Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, appreciating the old style buildings on both sides, I saw many squirrels shuttling freely on the path. I didn't know why I fell in love with Warton School at the first sight, maybe for its tranquility, maybe for its archaic rhyme, or for its special artistic conception  


        New York

Listening to the introduction of interpreter on the tour boat, I was attracted by the countless modern buildings on either side of the river. Holy Statue of Liberty stood on Manhattan quitely. She is still so young and beatutiful, and time couldn't leave any mark on her. Via the scene of 9.11, seven mansions which were being built were reminding people of loving peace. What's ecxiting to me, I came to Wall Street and saw American Stock Exchange, the famous bull. Wall Street was as properous and vigorous as before, the economy crisis couldn't beat intelligent American people. Noisy crowd and various goods in the Fifth Street dazzled my eyes.


       San Francisco

It was a pity that I didn't visit Intel Corporation for the delay of airplane. When I arrived in San Francisco, it was afternoon. The sunshine leaked from the leaves and the palm trees on both sides of the road gave me an illusion that I had reached Hawaii when the car was running on the palm street. It was 5:00 pm when I got to the Stanford University. Off the car, into the university, a wide grassland firstly caught my sight, on which some students were playing volleyball, some were doing yoga The whole university was filled with varied flowers and plants, in one word the ecological environment of the university was quite harmonious. Buildings were hiding in the plant sea. Altrough from the appearance those bulidings were very old, once you entered into them, you would find a totally different situation----actually, they were young and advanced technology could be found everywhere. Here, only about 20 students in each class, they could discuss and even debate in class, expressing their ideas freely. The type of amusement facilities for students was various, such as golf, horsemanship and so on. How happy the students who can study here are! I should say that Stanford University have a well-deserved reputation to the Top 4 of the world. San Francisco impressed me not only for the Stanford University, but for the kind climate---it brought a gust of cool wind to us in the hot summer----also for the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, beautiful sea, the flourishing Lombard Street,  prosperous Fisherman's Pier and sweet courtyard style hotel

        Los Angeles

Expecting for a long time, finally, I got to Los Angeles. Kobe, Jodan and super stars, waiting for me, I was coming! I told myself that I did walk on the Star Avenue and Koda Theatre was standing before me. Wonderful stunt performance and exciting entertainment facilities made me crazy. 3D film put me into one and another seemingly real situation. In the shooting scene of Hollywood, I almost couldn't help crying at the sight of familiar spot. The moment I came into the Disneyland----the place I dreamed of all the time----I entered into a world of fairy tales. Familiar cartoon characters who had accompanyied my childhood were around me, and I couldn't refrain from hugging with them. Everything seemed like a dream! Floats, dancers, crowds, and music fulled of everywhere. Even if you were one who did not know how to dance, once you came here, you would dance happily to the music and became one of the crowds!


This is the last stop of the travel. Here I was received cordially by the local family. In the following three days, I joined them gratually, and experienced their customs. The member of local family took me to the beach, the rock music concer,and tasted the special flavours. Their hospitality and kindness made me not neverous any more. In these three days, I also visited University of Oregon and had classes, played gamed with students there. The harmonious atmosphere made me feeling I was one of them. After three days' living togerther, the family had regarded me as one of them, and so did I. We all were not willing to part with each other when the depaeting moment came.

Althrough the travel to America has finished, I get not only friendship with American students but knowledge from it. What's more, it leaves a good memory to me, and also it's a gift for my 17-year age! I will treasure it all my life!  


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