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My Trip in America
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    Although it lasted for less than 14 days, this trip to America was really impressive.
 Part One
    American life style is quite different from Chinese. In my opinion the most important is the attitude towards life, which can be described in only one word, to enjoy.
    I remember there was a roller coaster in Disneyland, part of which was near free fall. The staff has fixed a camera there to capture the expression of the visitors at the moment they are falling. When we got our photo, we found that each Chinses student was holding the balustrade tightly or closing the eyes nervously, while the Americans besides were all waving their arms and laughing loudly. When we were saying that we'd just escaped from a disaster, they were celebrating their hapiness of the attraction.
    When at host family, we really experienced what was calledleisure. Our host sisters just took us out to hang around the neibourhood without doing anything. On the thoughts of having so much homework and summer class waiting us at home, we can't help expressing our confusion. The answer was quite simple we are enjoying our holiday!
    Americans seem happy all year round even when they are at work. the staff in the clothing store recoganize everyone comes as their regular customer and greet heartly. The scen that flight attendents saying hello to passengers makes you force yourself to greetback. What impressed me most was the guide ontheship in New York City. In the half-an-hour explaination and story telling, he was always full of passion, as if the speaker would explode at any time. When I got off I bid farewell to him and said you really did a wonderful job! Embracing the sky, again with passion, he said Thank you I love my job! He was not just finishing reciting the guiding words like every guide I have met before.

 Part two
    Standing at a crossing in San Francisco, seeing cars coming around, I stepped back naturally. But the driver stopped and signaled me to go first. From this point we cansee the respect showed in the country. We were lucky to have visited a sewing shop. It is a non-profit organization runner by a group of cancer patients.They cut the cloth people donate into small pieces, sewthem together into blanket in a fancy style, white Bible mottos on, then give them away to homeless people or others who have cancer. Such organazationsare common in America, those people do it not for money, but for passing down love.
    Chinese people have always been dreaming of a society of brotherhood. In fact, break down the wall between us, show respect to others, our dream will not be far.
 Part three
    Before we set off, I'v always refered to America as a paradise for our generation. After we came back, I'll have to admit that it's quite different. My root is in China, and America is not such a suitable country for me.
    The grass on the other side cannot always be greener. Is it realistic in China, where the majority of people take public transportation towork to separate the residencial area completely from the business area, with a long distance in between?Is it possible for every Chinese family to haver a villawith a yard?Then perhaps the country will have nothing except villas.
    The best is what indeed suits you. Now that we Chinese have chosen a way of development of our own, we should stick to it, rather than changing with the flow.

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