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My trip in Australia
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  Through the journey of many complications, we got on the plane to Australia at last. When I saw the male attendant in the sky who speaks genuine English,I got very excited and happy.After nine hours' flight,we arrived at this southern continent finally. We were both very tired but happy. And we felt very hot,because It's summer there. The air is fresh and the streets are very clean and tidy.The people there are very friendly also. I realised that I had entered into an English-speaking country so I began to try to think in English way.
  Our homestay consists of two members. Our lovely mum -- Darlene and our humorous dad -- Ed. They have just moved to a new house. So we were very lucky to live in our lovely room. The dinner there is wonderful. Our kind teacher Lorraine is very patient with us. And Cristine is also very eager. We learned Australian slang,history,some local reptile animals and so on.
  At the end, we graduated from Magill College. I was very happy to receive my graduation certificate.We watched a movie and had a party.We were leaving Gosford. I thought I would miss all the things there.
  We had to say goodbye to out homestay. We both felt very sad. It's hard to say "goodbye". We talked much the night before we leave. I deeply felt the happiness when family members gathered together harmoniously!
  The following days, we went to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne to go on our sightseeing. We visited Sydney Opera House and Parliament house. We saw Harbour bridge and watched penguins which are the smallest ones in the world going back home. We had great fun. And we visited the gold museum and went a gold tour.
  Australia is very beautiful. It's such a lovely place that I felt so sad to leave.
  I will miss you. I wrote down this on the beach and took a photo of it. I will keep and appreciate it.
  I will miss you, Australia, my hostfamily,my teacher and the great secene there!
  It's worth visiting!


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