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Chinese Experience Camp Starts for Students from Guilford High School    HOT    Double-Clicks in Flash
Chinese Experience Camp Starts for Students from Guilford High School
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   The Opening Ceremony of Chinese Language Experience Camp  was held for Students from American Northwest Guilford High School  this morning.Principal Tao delivered a welcome speech at first.
   Principal Tao said ,as a representative of the whole school,he would like to give the warmest aloha to the American students and teachers from the other bank of the Pacific . He said ,"Yichang No.1 Senior High School ,as a school with a history of nearly 100 years ,today is  the first time to treat  a group of more than 20 students abroad .Of course it is a great invent in the history of the development of our school .As you know ,my friends,there has been a profound friendship between China and the United States.We Chinese still remember the great self-giving aidance to China from America during the Second World War. " Principal Tao added,"Today the world history has turned into a new page ,and more and more people in the world begin to know the importance of Confucian Culture ;naturally they believe that Confucius ,as a great saint in ancient China,with his integrated and systemical  theories ,had made an active influence  upon the cultures of the world ,still up to now."
   At the end of his speech,Principal Tao hoped that American friends could try to know and comprehend more and more Chinese traditional culture and custom;and could try to play a role of disseminator of Sino-American culture.
   After that,both Amy(a schoolmistress of Northwest Guilford High School )and Murphy( a schoolgirl of Northwest High School)successively gave a speech of their own.They both expressed that they were very grateful for Yichang No.1Senior High School to provide such an opportunity to exchange with the students and teachers here.They hoped that someday in the future ,the students and teachers here could visit their school.
   Mr.Tan Zigang,vice-principal of our school,gave a concise introduction about our school to American friends.He promised that the school would provide circumspect service to teachers and students from the United States during their stay in Yichang.
   Mr.Tan also expressed his best wishes that everybody from Northwest Guilford High School could amusedly study here and live a happy life here.
   At last ,Miss He yang,a Chinese teacher of our school,gave our American guests the first lesson of Standard Mandarin.

Welcome  to visit Yichang
we have a profound friendship

Amy`s thankful speech


Murphy`s thankful speech

Tan`s introduction

The First Chinese Lesson by Miss He yang

visiting a class

at the school gate

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