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An Introduction of The Chinese Language Bridge Program of School
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                                  An Introduction of  The Program on" the Strategical Development Base for
                International Chinese Language Promotion"In Yichang No.1 Senior High School of Hubei Province 

         In the process of the world economy` globalization and cultural diversity, languages are playing an increasingly important role. With the development of China`seconomy and international position, especially on account of our entry into the World Trade Organization and our successful bid for 2008 Olympic Games, the Chinese language is drawing more attention in a variety of fields in foreign countries and its significance has greatly increased.  At present, the number of people taking Chinese as a second language has reached 30 million, so many in Europe, America and Asia are absorbed in learning Chinese now. As a result, the development of International Chinese Language Promotion is intent on establishing a bridge between China and the world. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Education PRC, with the permission of the "China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language" (NOCFL), our school has become one of the four bases for International Chinese Language Promotion in Hubei Province.

          Language is one form of Chinese culture. With China`sinfluence on the world becoming more widespread, the Chinese language has become a vital tool for international education. It is attracting great attention from foreign governments, schools, companies, and the general public. Our government emphasizes the importance of language promotion, requiring the establishment of Confucius Institutes and Confucius schools. As one of the first bases for the Chinese Language Promotion in Hubei Province, our No.1 Senior High School is contributing to cooperation and exchange with foreigners, educating about Chinese culture, and making China well known to the world.
         The Chinese government attaches great importance to the promotion of Chinese language throughout the world. As part of this program, our school would like to establish Chinese lessons in foreign schools for the purpose of enabling more foreigners to speak Chinese and at the same time to know more about different cultures. In order to enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese people and other peoples of the world, promote economic and trade cooperation as well as scientific, technological and cultural exchanges between them,

Advantages of the school:

         Our school is located in Yichang, a well-known tourist city in central China by the Changjiang River(also called the Yangste River), with Gezhouba and Sanxia Dams(the Three Gorges Dam) nearby.. With the advantages of tourism and foreign investment, Yichang has developed friendships with many foreign cities, which enable our school to provide a good learning environment. Our school is always focusing on international exchanges and mutual cooperation. We have paid visits to schools in many countries such as America, France, and Australia, and those schools have visited us as well. In 2004, the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki in New Zealand signed an agreement on a cooperative program. Meanwhile, our school has developed a close relationship with River Valley High School in Singapore. So far, seven students from our school have been selected to attend the school to continue their studies.
         Our school is well known in Hubei Province and boasts a long history of excellence in teaching. During its long history the school has trained a great number of high-quality graduates and teachers alike.  Nearly half of the teachers have received the top certificate in teaching already. The top-rate equipment also supplies a good atmosphere for international cooperation.

         Chinese is one of the most widely used languages in the world. With the further opening of China and steady increase of economy, China has established broader contact with the world. Therefore, the number of people learning Chinese is growing rapidly. The increasing development of Chinese language programs demonstrates the idea that foreigners are eager to know about China, especially in the fields of economy, culture, and education. In recent years, more students and parents have realized the importance of learning Chinese. With the incorporation of the AP (Advanced Placement) program, more people will be motivated to study Chinese and learn about Chinese culture. More students will benefit from Chinese lessons, which can serve to improve their work and quality of life, while increasing the friendship between foreign countries and China.


                                                                                                          International Exchange Office

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