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Application Method for CLB (HSK) Scholarship, 2006    HOT    Double-Clicks in Flash
Application Method for CLB (HSK) Scholarship, 2006
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  Qualifications needed:
       Having attended HSK outside China and received outstanding scores, aged  below 45.
       Application papers required:
      1. "Chinese Language Bridge (HSK) Scholarship Application Form" (printed  by NOCFL only),
          downloadable from NOCFL website, two copies required, one original and one photocopy.
      2. Photocopy of the applicant's Chinese Language Level Certificate
      3. Photocopy of the applicant's highest academic diploma
      4. Applicants below 18 must present legal papers from guardians.
      5. All application papers shall be sent to test sites, (NOCFL will not accept applications from individuals).
          Test sites will deliver the application papers to NOCFL.
     Coverage, amount and duration of the scholarship
      1. Fees for registration, tuition, textbooks and lodging (allocated directly to the school that accepts the
         scholarship holder)
      2. 800 RMB food subsidy per month.
      3. The scholarship is C-type, lasting 4 weeks during the summer vacation.
      Universities that will accept scholarship students:
      Entrusted by NOCFL, universities to accept scholarship students for summer workshop 2006 include:
      Beijing Normal University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Fudan University, Shanghai Univesity
      of Finance & Economics, Shanghai University, Northeastern University of Finance and Economics,
      Heilongjiang University, Sichuan University, South China University of Technology, Yunnan Normal University,
      Nanjing Normal University.
      Application deadline:
      Each test site shall deliver application papers to Department of Testing,  NOCFL before April 30, 2006.
      NOCFL will examine each application received (unqualified applicants or sub-standard papers
      will not be considered.)
      NOCFL will send out admission notices before May 31 to test sites, which will notify the applicants in concern.
      Entering China and registration at schools
      Foreign passport holders shall, with the admission notice and Visa
      application Form for Foreign Students, the original and a photocopy and valid passport, apply for F-visa
      in Chinese embassies or consulates.
      Chinese passport holders do not have to apply for a visa.
      The admitted shall be present at the university for registration before the date specified on the admission notice.
      Those unable to come in time shall get approval from the university. Without the approval, latecomers will lose
       both student status and scholarship.
      Attachment: Application Method for Chinese Language Bridge (HSK)Scholarship


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