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Summer Camp in America---Princeton University    HOT    Double-Clicks in Flash
Summer Camp in America---Princeton University
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    Arriving at Princeton University with full expectation and excitement, we took pictures behind the gate. It's such a small gate that you won't tell it until you see the signs of this school on it.
    This is the style of America. I have always been confused why there is no obvious signboard outside the hotels before I realize Americans are never in pursuit of those useless things, they are focusing on something that can improve our lives, the nation and even the world. Americans don抰 care what it looks like, they care what it is like!
    How beautiful Princeton University is! It's like being in a fairy tale inside the campus. We also found a squirrel on a tree, so cute! I can't image how much happiness those top students studying here are enjoying.
    Next, we went to the Independence Hall to see the liberty bell. A short film was shown to let us know more about the liberty bell. It says they will make efforts for the liberty of people in the United States and all over the world.
    The final place we visited is University of Pennsylvania, also one of the top schools in the U.S.A. It is most famous for the Wharton School, the best business school in America. It shapes like a can. I saw some group study rooms inside it. There is a screen in the front of the room, and every one is equipped with a laptop. Group study is always an efficient way to learn, discuss and create .It often produces an effect which is that one and one is greater than two.
    That抯 our tour today. We were not so tired as before, yet received a lot. The experience today can be a nice dream to chase after, and I will fight for it no matter what the results are.

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