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VIPs Coming To YCYZ To Give Lectures -- 2013 And Above    HOT Elite Double-Clicks in Flash
VIPs Coming To YCYZ To Give Lectures -- 2013 And Above
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Nov. 27, 2010, Zhang Ming, Director of Patents & Outcomes Office of Research Department, Peking University, about: Independent recruitment and Employment and professional choice;
Sep. 29, 2012, Zhu Huaiqiu, Professor of Peking University, head of recruitment group in Hubei, about: Introduction of enrollment policy of Peking University for 2013 graduates, faculty, scientific research achievements,alumni, and majors, etc.;
Nov. 8, 2012, Fu Dongying, contemporary educational thinker, litterateur, about: Interpretation of efficient classroom;
Mar. 8, 2013, Wang Yinghua, deputy mayor of People's Government of Yichang, about: "Country strengthens as its youths strengthen";
Apr. 9, 2013, Wang Wei, doctoral student supervisor, professor, vice president of Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU), about: Introduction about NWPU, and focusing on its affiliated secondary school;
Apr. 12, 2013, Chen Shu, principal of Yinghao International School of Guangzhou, about: On the model to cultivate international talents;
May 14, 2013, Guo Chuanjie, member of the national committee of CPPCC, National education advisory committee, chairman of Society of Management Science of China, president of Research Center of China's Modernization, Former secretary of the party committee of University of Science and Technology of China, about: Food security, Chemistry and environment, etc.;
Sep. 28, 2013, Zhu Huaiqiu, Professor of Peking University, head of recruitment group in Hubei, about: Introduction about Peking University on its history, current situation and 30-year development planning, outlook on talents, actualization and employment;
Sep. 29, 2013, Fu Huaqiang, director of Hubei Teaching and Research Section, Zhang Zhuchun, researcher, Yang Guojin, deputy director, Zhang Xudong, CCP secretary of Yichang Teaching and Research Academy, about: Investigation on YCYZ's hardware facilities, teaching and research situation;
Nov. 4, 2013, Wang Zhibing, IT instructor and researcher in Hubei Teaching and Research Section,  Zheng Xiaoyan, IT instructor and researcher in Yichang, about: Investigation on YCYZ's IT teaching;
Nov. 7, 2013, Zhang Ming, professor of Peking University, Hu Wei, professor of Tsinghua University, about: Introduction about 2014 enrollment policy of these two universities, affairs about taking the independent entrance examination held by them;
Nov. 8, 2013, Zhu Changjiang, director of teaching and discipline of Central China Normal University, Chang Jiang Scholar, Mathematician, about: Investigation on the situation of its teaching interns in YCYZ;
Nov. 11, 2013, Dong Yue, professor in Communication University of China (CUC), about: Introduction about 2014 enrollment policy of CUC, High quality student base agreement between CUC and YCYZ;
Nov. 24, 2013, Xiao Bin, famous family education expert, deputy director of Institute of education and human capital of Peking University, director of Parents education center, head of research group of Parents' education and talent growth, about: "Parents' role definition and myths in family education";
Dec. 1, 2013, Li Ye, vice-principal of affiliated high school of Northwestern Polytechnical University, national model teacher, national outstanding head teacher, Shaanxi teaching expert, special-grade senior Chinese teacher, about: Introduction about amazing achievements in the recent ten years, educational philosophy and ideas of that school;
Dec, 3, 2013, Shi Shaodian, vice-chairman of Professional Committee of High-school Chinese Language Teaching, special-grade senior Chinese teacher, about: To inspect and evaluate the writing class by YCYZ young teacher Sun Xuemin, who would participate in the high quality class teaching competition;
Dec. 26, 2013, Feng Weidong, professor, CCP secretary of Material Science and Engineering College, Southeast University (SEU), about: Introduction about 2014 enrollment policy of SEU, consultation on the affairs of independent recruitment.


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