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YCYZ Students' Major Activities In 2015    HOT Elite Double-Clicks in Flash
YCYZ Students' Major Activities In 2015
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1. Theme class meeting "How to improve interpersonal skills";
2. Lei Feng volunteers service team;
3. Theme class meeting "Facing the challenge, Outdoiing yourself" ;
4. The Coming Of Age ceremony for Grade III;
5. Teachers and students of Grade I went to visit the graves of revolutionary matyrs;
6. Theme class meeting "Security in my heart";
7. Agricultural and Scientific Practice;
8. Theme class meeting "Classic works as concomitants, and saints as friends";
9. Theme class meeting "Be a citizen of great country, from mind to words and deeds";
10. The fourth Student Congress;
11. Theme class meeting "Be grateful to parents and cherish life";
12. Theme class meeting  "Challenge the limits, and go beyond yourself";
13. High-school Graduation Ceremony for the 2015 session;
14. Theme class meeting "Concern traditional festivals and inherit the culture of Dragon Boat Festival";
15. Freshmen millitary training
16. Special lecture "How to be a good girl";
17. Blackboard newspaper in September "Thanks to the teachers' great kindness";
18. The fourth Bedroom Cultural Festival "Warm bedroom, harmonious home";
19. The 19th Sports and Art Festival;
20. The yearly outdoor thematic activity - Hundred-Li Sunshine Trekking;
21. Legal education seminar;
22. The fifth Student Congress;
23. The 19th Science Festival;
24. Social practice - To Build A Civilized Yichang.





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