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Party Secretary JIANG Handan
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Party Secretary Jiang Handan, born in January 1962, graduated from the Department of Mathematics, Hubei University, in 2001 received the master degree of mathematics education from Central China Normal University. He works as the Secretary of YCYZ Party Committee, and part-time tutor, guest professor for tuition-free normal college students in Central China Normal University, academic advisor for graduate students in Hubei University and mentor of "National Training Plan".
    For over 30 years, Jiang Handan has been concentrating on teaching and research, education and management, and has made a series of theoretical and practical achievements. In 1993 he was exceptively employed as a senior high school teacher and mathematics academic leader. Since 1994, he gave up the academic honorary title of Special-grade Teacher for three times just in consideration of comity and was rewarded  "CEC Outstanding Teacher",  "Excellent Student of Master of Education" by Ministry of Education and  "Advanced Individual of Comprehensive Management" by Yichang municipal and Party Committee.
    He was quite expert in precocious adolescents training and extraordinary education and made great achievements in theoretical innovation - teaching results - experience promotion. Two students of his were recruited to the national mathematics winter camps and won the second and third prizes; the absolute amount and admission rate of his SCGY reached the apex around the country; his high-school terminal classes performed extremely well in the national entrance examination -- Gaokao, all of which were reported and introduced by China Education Daily and Chinese Teachers.
    From July 2007 to August 2009, he acted as the Principal of Gezhouba Senior High School, during which he initiated the schooling philosophy "Double Mainstay - Double Success" and created "four-tion" characteristics -- Teaching Modernization, Management Standardization, Talent Diversification and Service Standardization, successfully accomplishing the standard of "Provincial Demonstration School" which was made, evaluated and re-evaluated by provincial supervision and evaluation group.
In 2000, Jiang Handan theorized that education should tend to be supermarketlike and it might terminate traditional classroom teaching in the future, which was presented and exchanged in Beijing Normal University. In 2005, he published the theoretical book "Educational Marketing", in  which he initialed the idea that education could be regarded as the marketing of mind, knowledge, method and means and gave a special lecture about it in Hubei University. In 2011, he presented the thought in his book "Self-management on Your Own Life" that one could make records about  life applying the principle of vector, and made reports in Hubei University and Central China Normal University, causing big stirs.
In the field of teaching and research, Jiang Handan assisted to preside over the Eleventh-Five priority subject of the Ministry of Education "Research on Relevance and Effectiveness in Moral Education Facing the 21st Century", participated in compiling four academic books e.g. "Encyclopedia of High School Mathematics" and published over ten papers in the core publications. His lectures "Basic Models and Variants in High School Mathematics Teaching " and "Classroom Organization Art in High School Mathematics Teaching " went over big.



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