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Fu Quanxin Awarded "Leading Cadre Enthusiastic in Educational Labour Union"    HOT    Double-Clicks in Flash
Fu Quanxin Awarded "Leading Cadre Enthusiastic in Educational Labour Union"
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    May 2014, Hubei Educational Labor Union issued a document to commend, around Hubei Province, excellent union working teams, excellent union workers, individual union activists and leading cadres who are enthusiastic in the work of Educational Labour Union since the 7th Union Congress. YCYZ Principal Fu Quanxin was the "Leading Cadre Enthusiastic in Educational Labour Union".

     Principal Fu wholeheartedly supports for the work of Union, relys on the power of the staff team, gives full play to the role of a bridge of the Union, places the Union's work in an important position, and creates a favorable environment for the innovation and development of the Union. He did a lot for the Union: to hold the annual joint Union Conference; to carry out "Five Visit" policy on "marriage, death, disease, childbirth and the poverty-striken student"; to give hands to the faculty on children's schooling or employment and so on; to enrich faculty's cultural and leisure life; to organize physical exams for the faculty; to emphasis the communication between teachers, esp. experienced teachers and the newcomers, and so on and so forth.

    All these efforts extremely benefit the cohesion and sustainable development of the school and its strength will stay long.

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