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Yue Shixin Promoted to Lieutenant General
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    August 3, 2013 in Guangzhou, an investiture ceremony with over 180 participators was being held in the headquarter of Guangzhou Military Region for promoting some officers. Yue Shixin, a 1973 alumnus of YCYZ, was among those who were to be promoted.
    General Yue Shixin graduated from YCYZ in 1973, became Political Commissar of No.123 Division, No.41 Arm Group, Director of the Political Department of No.42 Arm Group and No.41 Arm Group in 1998, Political Commissar of Guangxi Military Region in July 2004, and Political Commissar of No.42 Arm Group in July, 2005. He was promoted to Major General in July 2003 and transferred to the Political Commissar of PLA Hong Kong Garrison in July 2012. This August, he was promoted to Lieutenant General.
    It is told that his wife Cai Chijun was also graduated from YCYZ the same year with General Yue. The couple were then both art lovers in school, Yue Shixin being school performance team captain and Cai Chijun, the role-player of Tiemei, the leading role in "Red Lantern" which was the most popular drama in that time all over the country. “With what shall we repay our alma mater? ” wrote General Yue in one of his essay “Our Old School is So Beautiful”, outpouring his deep love to YCYZ and his homeland.
    “YCYZ Anthem” was composed in the year 2000, when the 90-year YCYZ Anniversary was held. General Yue was not only the lyricist of YCYZ Anthem but also sponsored in full amount the band performance and tape recording. In October 2010, General Yue and his wife were invited to the school Centennial Celebration.


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