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Tortuous Journey (1949 - 1976)    HOT    Double-Clicks in Flash
Tortuous Journey (1949 - 1976)
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n November 1950, the school officially changed its name to “Yichang Senior High School of Hubei Province”, which was the first new call for “No.1 Senior High School” in new China. To allow more children of workers and peasants to get school education, in July 1952, Yichang City began to build new school houses on the relic of ancient military field at BeiMenWaiZhengJie Street. In February 1953, the school was listed as one of the seven provincial key high schools, relocated at 11# Jiaojunchang Road, which was now 4# Xiling Erlu Road.
During this period, the school focused on researches about teaching conventions, standardized details in each teaching step, established teaching inspection system and organized students to participate in social investigations and activities, and students got well-rounded development. There were a number of teachers that students would remember forever, who were: Zhao Chun-Shan, Zhang Ying-Lan, Chen Guang-Xun, etc. A group of alumni such as Pan Yuan, Li Qi-Bin, Zhou Da-Sen, Chen Chuan-You and so on, who made very brilliant achievements in their own field, entered the school during this period.
 In September 1956, schools’ names were to be reset in concert according to location, so the school was ordered to rename to “Yichang No.1 Secondary School of Hubei Province”. During this period, the school stressed on communist moral education to students, using heroic deeds of characters to inspire and guide students’ strenuous mind and dedicating courage. The late 1950s to 70s was a period when education about revolutionary situation, class struggle and communist ideals erupted, and No.1 High School was always at the front of kinds of waves and storms.
 In the history environment of 1958 “Education Revolution”, No.1 High School carried out reform experiments as work-study program, combining education and productive labor, shortening the academic structure, etc. Various farms, factories especially iron and steel works were encouraged to be held, up to five among which were held merely by a Class 204. And some teachers and students went down to countryside to participate in “Double Races”. In September, when the Iron Movement went high, teachers and students rushed to attend and the campus was in a fever. It was the colorful and special educational movement combined with productive labor of that period that formed the unique campus culture.
In 1962, the school was once again listed as one of the 18 provincial key high schools. Teaching and researching groups made plans according to five key points in teaching, forming specific teaching requirements and training standards, which became the convention for teaching management in the next few years. The focus of work was shifted to teaching.
From Autumn 1966 to 1968, the school was once renamed “Yichang Red Guard Fighting School of Hubei Province”. During August to October, 1968, Yichang No.1 High School Revolutionary Committee was established, calling the school “New No.1 High School”. In January 1969, the school resumed using the old name. In February 1969, an organizational system of company and platoon was implemented. The three-year chaotic situation in No.1 High School was the worst around Yichang district.
Around December 1971, the school was officially renamed “Yichang No.1 Senior High School of Hubei Province”. The period from 1960s to 70s was the an age educating revolutionary situation, class struggle and communist ideals. From 1971, activities of learning industrial production, agricultural production and military affairs played in full swing and various political movements often squeezed the normal teaching, so the school teaching quality was unstable. However, students mastered a lot of survival skills suitable for the age and benefiting lifetime in those activities such as labors, sports, health protection, and various community activities. 

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