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Eventful Years (1938 - 1949)    HOT    Double-Clicks in Flash
Eventful Years (1938 - 1949)
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In July 1938, Hubei Joint Secondary and Above School was set up, with 22 branch campuses. According to the migration plan, the senior high section of Yichang Secondary School should be incorporated into Enshi Senior High School, girls into Enzhi Girl’s High School and junior high section into Laifeng Junior High School. Zheng Wan-Xuan, the principal then, recalled that he received four main schools (53 in practise), which were Wuchang Secondary School, Jiangling Senior High School, Yichang Secondary School, etc, including their staff, students, books and equipments and then composed them into a Yun County Wudangshan Senior High Branch of Joint School. They walked 700 Chinese Li on foot toward Badong County along the government-financed road to Enshi, by way of Yichang. In this way, Yichang Secondary School, as one part of Joint School, went over to Enshi.
When westward, they were supposed to be met by military vehicles, but the situation was so chaotic that the vehicles didn’t arrive. Zheng Wan-Xuan had to lead 1000 and more people across the Yangtze River and to a place named Muqiaoxi, where they hired laborers to continue their westbound journey. But the next day when starting they found all the laborers had fled away, so teachers and students had no choice but carrying their own luggage and went on. When they got to Siduhe, the road there was extremely steep and dangerous, with endless big and precipitous slopes. After 20 days of trek, teachers and students reached Yesanguan, which was a place, they found, lack of food and water, not suitable for school. They moved on and at last sought out a site, Sanliba, where they began school construction.
July 1939, the school was renamed as “Jianshi Secondary Branch of Hubei Provincial Joint Secondary School”. April of the next year, the school hived off 12 junior classes and was formally renamed as “Jianshi Senior High Branch School”. 
September 1941, the school was renamed again as “Hubei Provincial No.6 Senior High School”. During this period, the school held a constant scale, abundant learned teachers and well-performed students. Every time in provincial general examination the school would surely be the best. What’s more, the school absorbed a large number of local students, sharing its educational benefits and contributing its strength to the educating foundation and development of Enshi.
 “No.6 Senior High” had a strong teachers’ team and numerous master teachers, most of whom were from the former Provincial Senior High and Provincial No.1 Secondary School. The students there were selected round after round and they performed well in academics and also actively in thinking, very worthy of the accolade of talents. The teachers there were erudite, virtuous, diligent, good-hearted, enduring kinds of hardships to nurturing talents for the state; some of them ardently cared about students’ growth and progress in ideas, with their words and deeds, which prepared the students a lot for their future further studies and employment.
March 1946, some teachers and students went back to Wuhan to reconstruct Wuchang Secondary School, and the principal Su Zhi-Jie was responsible for moving No.6 Senior High School back to Yichang. The school opened on April 26,with 409 students in 12 classes. The school site was at Tumenya, a town 60 Li away from the city and the deserted Japanese barracks were used as school houses.
February 1947, Provincial No.6 was renamed to Hubei Provincial Yichang Senior High School. The same month Yichang Senior High School was moved into the city and located the main part of school at Lin Zhi-Shan Hall (now Xiaojiaxiang Lane) and another part in rented houses of Xiba Islet.
On July 27, 1949, Yichang Senior High School, Provincial Yichang Secondary School and Yichang Prefectural Junior School were merged into a Yichang Secondary School, with a junior section and a senior section. The senior section was moved to Huangcaoba. The Municipal Military Control Commission sent cadres to assist, and a School Administration Committee was set up, responsible for resumption of the school. Yichang Secondary School opened on September 27, but October 1 Yichang Senior High School was ordered to restore its old name, still governed directly by the provincial government, hosted by the municipal government and teaching affairs were led by the dean.

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